Solange Nyenyezi is a teacher with a deep desire to offer everyone, especially the most vulnerable in society, the tools with which to create their own independence.


For inspiring a culture of excellence

As a teacher, Solange wants to create role models of excellence for future generations.  She starts with herself! Her ambitions to live a life of service to communities date back to her university days when she became the vice president of student coordination at the Catholic University of Congo. There, she made a name for herself advocating for more meaningful student activities on the campus.  Today, Solange teaches political communication at the National Pedagogical University in Kinshasa. She is the national treasurer of her political party, the Alliance of Democratic Forces of Congo (AFDC) and a gender expert supporting the National Assembly's Gender Technical Committee. In addition, she is a member of several associations, including the Permanent Consultative Framework for Congolese Women (CAFCO) and Action for Development and Empowerment for African Communities (ADEAC). Through all these activities, Solange hopes to encourage others to cultivate a career of service and commitment to good governance in DR Congo.


For promoting the empowerment of the poor

Following her involvement in a community reintegration project for 3,000 former child soldiers called Débout Mont Ngafula, Solange recognized that when given the right tools,  the historically marginalized can reverse their fortunes. She then began identifying low-income women and young people within her community, Kinshasa's Mont Ngafula, who demonstrated entrepreneurial potential. She assisted them in accessing various entrepreneur training programs. Solange imagines a future where the community and women, in particular, can provide for themselves. Therefore, she advocates for economic empowerment initiatives that include microcredit programs and business cooperatives. She has spearheaded the creation of a community bank to facilitate rotating credit.  Solange also hopes to include, among the services provided by the bank, access to healthcare insurance.



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