Republic of Congo

Although the election date originally set for 2016 has been pushed back to December 2018, our women in DRC remain committed to their work and upcoming elections. They are running for seats in the National Assembly and provincial assemblies.


This year Malians will elect their president and members of parliament. We are still working on compiling a list of candidates for this election in order to give women all the means necessary to affect real change. Contribute to our work in Mali by donating below. 



Rwanda has the highest percentage of women parliamentarians in the world. This year Rwandans will elect more members of parliament. We have not yet compiled a list of candidates to this election. We want to make sure Rwandan women keep their seats in parliament and continue their critical progress. Contribute to our work in Rwanda by donating below.



A new era has dawned in Zimbabwe with the resignation of former president Robert Mugabe after almost four decades in power. This year the country will elect a new president and members of parliament who will represent its people as they build a brighter future for Zimbabwe. We have not yet compiled a list of candidates for this election, but with your help we will work to ensure that women have a seat at the table. Contribute to our work in Zimbabwe by donating through the link below. 


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