Fempo Interactive: Leadership in Africa

Welcome to Fempo Interactive where we pose problem questions, in response to which, readers can submit solutions.  This can help the women featured on this site as well as other aspiring politicians to deepen their reflection on some of Africa’s most intractable problems.  In this space, each month, we will present a problem question. We will compile the most thoughtful responses and publish them here.

Let's get started.

Problem #1  Selfish Leadership in Africa

In many parts of Africa, leaders cling to power to prolong their and their families' access to the rich mineral wealth that abounds on the continent. The Republic of Congo (the smaller of the two Congos) is blessed with massive oil reserves, while its much larger neighbor across the Congo River, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is spoiled with many of the world's richest deposits in numerous mineral categories including diamonds, gold, copper as well as the minerals that are essential for our cellphones, notably tin, tantalum and tungsten.  Yet the majority of the country’s citizens wallow in abject poverty. DR Congo is among the richest countries in the world in mineral wealth but ranks as the second most impoverished country in terms of income per capita. See https://www.gfmag.com/global-data/economic-data/the-poorest-countries-in-the-world?page=12 

Selfish leadership in such countries is derived from a single aspiration, "to get as rich as we can from our countries' mineral wealth."    This approach to leading contrasts starkly with the service leadership that all citizens naturally expect of their leaders.

The two questions we pose for readers to ponder under this problem are as follows:

A. What is your proposal for eliminating crippling selfish leadership in Africa and promoting leadership defined by compassion, excellence and service?

B. What strategies do you propose for Africans in Africa and in the diaspora to employ in transforming selfish leadership to servant leadership?

Send your responses to info@fempo.net

Eve Thompson