Neema Bikaylwira has long focused on education and the fierce defense of the Constitution as a means of community transformation. Her career as an educator and political leader reflects this passion.


For  improved education, nutrition and food systems

Neema Bikaylwira has spent much of her career as a teacher in an under-served neighborhood in the city of Goma. Witnessing the resilience and desire for learning within neighborhood schools has nursed Neema’s dream for a DR Congo where no one knows the pain of hunger. Since then, she initiated a training program for students on cooking and household management which she later extended to target adults. As the coordinator for the Konde Foundation, she advocates for better legislation and government policies on all aspects of food security, including procurement infrastructure and transportation.  Her work, in partnership with ACCO (Association of Congolese Drivers) and the Goma City Council, produced an solution for urban food transportation which led to improved conditions and accessibility to three city districts (Turunga, Majengo and Kibwe).  A major result of her efforts is 3km of new road which allows for more rapid movement of over 50,000 inhabitants and the food they eat.


For the representation of constitutional principles and values

Neema’s notable political career reflects her dynamism and engagement. As inter-federal vice president of ARC (L’Alliance pour le Renouveau du Congo or Congo Renewal Alliance) in North Kivu, she has successfully recruited more than 100 party members. During a major constitutional crisis in 2015, her party, ARC, withdrew from the presidential majority.  In the aftermath of this major political shake-up, Neema did not hesitate to take the lead in marshaling party members from one camp to another at provincial level. Since 2016, she has been the coordinator of the political opposition in North Kivu and is known by radio listeners for her outspoken declarations insisting on respect for the constitution as the key ingredient to realizing shared aspirations at all levels of society.


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