Nadia is a lawyer and champion for the rule of law and the respect for the rights and liberties guaranteed to all Congolese citizens under the law.


To popularize legal texts and inspire a passion for politics

With the percentage of women in government institutions at such a low point, Nadia has embarked on a mission to increase the effective involvement of women in political life. She focuses her work on schools, where she meets young women to discuss their civil and political rights. She aims to make them aware of the basic elements of the law and opportunities for their own political ambitions.  For example, at her high school alma mater, Tobongisa High School in Kinshasa, Nadia began a popularization program that focuses on the laws supporting Congolese women. She plans to extend the program to other schools and communities.


For the promotion of rights and legislative procedures

As a lawyer, Nadia understands, intimately, the rights entitlements for Congolese citizens. Thus, she dreams of a DR Congo where citizens are sufficiently equipped to invoke the power of legitimate and reliable institutions to defend and claim their rights. Nadia hopes one day that such citizens can approach these institutions with the confidence that at the end of their process, justice will indeed prevail. It is in this context that in her position as Secretary General of her political party, Democratic African Union (UDA), she works to put in place a structure that will serve as an incubator, with the objective of inculcating young people with knowledge of their civil and political rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the international treaties ratified by the DR Congo government.


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