As a lawyer, Mado Chando believes deeply in the power of free, transparent and democratic institutions for the defense of the most vulnerable and the rebirth of DR Congo.


For the defense of homeless children

Mado harbors a particular passion for the defense and protection of the rights of children, the disadvantaged and minorities. It is in this area of work that she has intervened as a lawyer for homeless children, particularly those who are arbitrarily imprisoned, mistreated and deprived of dignity. After obtaining their release, Mado often further invests her time and money to assist them in successfully reintegrating into society.


For the liberal reforms of institutions

Mado campaigns for the legitimacy of institutions guided by the banner of liberalism. In addition, she believes strongly in the clear separation of the three institutional powers: executive, legislative and judicial, which must be truly independent. Her vision is of a united and strong DR Congo with a stable economy and an army that is apolitical, disciplined and adheres to its traditional role of protecting citizens, their property and the territorial integrity of the country. Her convictions have led her to join the Liberal Reformers Movement, a political party that echoes the values she espouses.



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