In her position as member of the provincial assembly of South Kivu, the Honorable Kinja Mwendanga has also been elected as the Quaestor, or treasurer, of the legislative body. As a lawyer and politician, Kinja fights for solidarity in the face of insecurity and injustice.  


For the fight against the exclusion of women

Prior to being elected to the provincial assembly, Kinja founded the non-profit β€œWomen’s Solidarity Against Poverty,” which combats the exclusion of women in economic, social, cultural, legal, civil and political aspects of life. She also served as vice president of the Women’s Caucus, a non-governmental organization that was created to analyze and write policy recommendations from women's perspectives. These activities combined with her active membership in the MSR (Social Movement for Renewal) party since 2006, led to her successful political rise as a member of the provincial assembly since 2011.


For equity and justice in the provincial assembly

The legislation that Kinja supports in the provincial assembly of South Kivu reflects her commitment to protect children, women, human rights defenders and journalists in South Kivu. For example, her first piece of legislation in 2013 centered on the registration of children under civil status in order to ensure that all children born in Congolese territory received the rights and protections guaranteed by their nationality. More recently in 2016, she sponsored a law promoting the rights of journalists and human rights defenders. This year she is working to pass a law supporting maternal and child health.


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