Through sport, handicraft training and the promotion of small businesses, Kavira wants to carry the flame of Congolese women into a future where they will no longer face culturally imposed limits on their potential.


For the expression of women’s talent through sport

A passionate sports enthusiast, Kavira presides over and trains teams within the urban league of Nzango* Moderne, a sport uniquely designed for women. Her vision is to ensure the popularization of this traditional Congolese sport among women. During each Nzango competition, she promotes this vision by encouraging women to express their talent through the sport.


For small businesses, entrepreneurship  and crafts

Kavira is a customs officer and head of the Congolese government’s general trade and transit agency (GECOTRANS). In this position, she advises small businesses on cross-border transactions and facilitates the clearance of their goods. She too is an entrepreneur and, with the help and support of her family, created one of the largest paper stationary stores in the city of Goma, North Kivu. This family business regularly demonstrates its generosity and commitment to the community by donating supplies to local schools.

As the gender coordinator in her political party, BUREC (the United Bloc for the Renaissance and Emergence of Congo), she has organized several initiatives for women and young girls in the production of braziers, tablecloths and straw mats.

For peace and social security in North Kivu

As a member of the Barza (inter-ethnic community body) and in collaboration with various political parties and women’s organizations in Goma, Kavira leads advocacy sessions for the re-establishment of state authority and restoration of peace in North Kivu. This critical work has fostered a collective awareness of the precarious security environment in North Kivu. In addition, to help alleviate gaps in the social safety net, Kavira advocates for improvements in access to health care and has assisted in covering the costs of caring for several members of her constituency in clinics in Goma. Similarly, she has worked to ensure access to potable water through the creation of three 15 meter water tanks in poor neighborhoods of Goma.


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