Chantal embodies the passion for social change. As a proud daughter of the Kivu region, she fights for youth in her community to be strong, engaged and deeply devoted to humanist principles.  


For intellectual capacity building

Chantal Faida is a passionate defender of the rights of women and children affected by war in Goma, North Kivu. In 2012, she co-founded an organization called UWEMA, which strengthens the intellectual, socio-cultural, and integrative capacities of women and children victims of a decade of violent conflict in North Kivu. Through UWEMA, more than 50 scholarships have been awarded to disadvantaged children in Goma and more than 10 courses in entrepreneurship, leadership and peace-building, have been conducted with these children's guardians and parents. Through moral, technical and financial assistance, UWEMA works to restore hope and confidence in Chantal’s community.


For a more humanistic and liberal society

As an activist and political leader, Chantal chairs the regional congress of young women politicians. This group brings together young women who are passionate about politics and have a vision to govern society in a way that is transforms lives for the better. Chantal believes in social justice and dignity as the means through which to build an equitable world - one in which the contribution of every person is considered vital in constructing a bright future. By humanism, she means the promotion of human rights in every aspect of life, the promotion of the sacredness of life at all times and the placement of people at the center of all innovative action. Chantal is a regular facilitator in citizen debates regarding questions of democracy, good governance and the values of peaceful co-existence.  In 2017, for example, she organized a conference with nearly 80 young leaders in Goma to discuss the role of social media in a nation’s social engagement.



For the promotion of excellence among youth

Chantal, who earned her bachelor’s degree in economics, believes in the development of her country through creating businesses by and for young people. When inspired, young people can excel and innovate. As the catalyst for several social initiatives, Chantal has received a number of awards and hopes to motivate other young people through her example. She has been awarded the USHUJA (“Courage”) trophy for encouraging hope among Goma’s youth, the ETANDO (“Queen”) Award, and the MWASI BWANYA (“There is Good”) Prize for inspiration and social commitment to women. She has also been recognized as a leading community activist for DR Congo by the Gala of African Women (GAFA) in France. In 2017, she was ranked among the 50 most influential women in Africa by the OneWorld Foundation Magazine and one of the 50 most influential young leaders in DR Congo by the Magazine Kivuzik.


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