Eve Thompson

Eve Thompson is the Founder and Director of Fempo.  Eve has a long history of promoting the advancement of women in political life in Africa and in promoting value-centered leadership in the world, in general.  She has held several Country Director posts in promoting democracy and good governance in Africa and also directed the United Nations University’s International Leadership Academy in Amman, Jordan.

When Eve first came to Africa over 20 years ago, she was struck by the persistent marginalization of women, particularly in the realm of politics.  In all the projects she led thereafter, she worked to ensure that the empowerment of women and the expansion of their numbers in leadership ranks, were key objectives.  Fempo represents the culmination of these efforts.

She studied english literature and law before working as an associate at a law firm in Washington, D.C. and making the transition to working in human rights law, contributing to the fall of Apartheid in South Africa and fighting for the rights and advancement of women and youth throughout Africa and beyond.  She has lived and worked in or traveled to more than half of all of the countries in Africa and is thus committed to helping the continent realize its true potential.

In her own words
I have had the distinct pleasure and honor of meeting and connecting with the most amazing and accomplished women on the African continent.  However, they need an amplified voice and a platform through which they can demonstrate the promise of more compassionate and people-centered leadership that they can offer this continent and her people.  To honor them and help them spearhead a leadership revolution in Africa, I give them and their followers Fempo.