Yeah Samaké

Niankoro Yeah Samaké currently serves as the Malian Ambassador to India. He is a politician, a social entrepreneur and a graduate of Brigham Young University with a master's degree in public policy. He is head of the foundations Mali Rising (formerly Daily Dose) and Empower Mali, and is a former candidate for the presidential elections of Mali in 2013. 

As a head of Empower Mali, which connects resources with needs in the areas of education, health, clean water, clean energy and leadership training in rural Mali, he has helped bring 23 schools to Mali, provided scholarships to Malian students to study abroad and organized multiple free medical and dental services.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree from the École Normale Supérieure in Bamako, Yeah volunteered as a teacher in Ouélessébougou (the town where he was born) for years. In 2000, he went to Brigham Young University in Utah to earn a master’s degree in public policy. After graduation, he co-created the Daily Dose Foundation an education-focused organization that was later renamed Mali Rising. In 2009, he ran for mayor of his city of Ouélessébougou and won with 86 percent of the vote. As a candidate, he emphasized that tax money would only be spent on services that the population knew about. In 2013, he became country director of the Empower Mali Foundation, which works to help rural communities in the field of healthcare, education, clean water and clean energy. In July 2015, he was called to serve as Mali's Ambassador to India.

In his own words:
I am honored to be a part of Fempo as we partner with women politicians to raise their voices to help bring change in the communities they serve.

Michelle Obama said, "No country can flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half its citizens."