Shaped by leadership principles since childhood, Anne-Marie Makombo has built a political career based on integrity, courage and tenacity.

For the defense of the Constitution and democratic principles

During her time as a member of the Transitional National Assembly and chairperson of the Women, Family, and Children’s Commission, Anne-Marie was actively involved in constitutional debates and advocacy. In particular, she fervently promoted principles of gender parity in institutions and the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.   During this period, Anne-Marie was one of the most prominent advocates for presidential term limits which was eventually codified in Article 70 of the new constitution.

For the creation of wealth through agriculture

In 1985, Anne-Marie founded an organization called Actions for Democracy and Community Development (ADDC) to assist and supervise young women and mothers in learning a trade. She works directly with businesses by supporting peanut and cassava production projects and distributing farm equipment to communities in various parts of DR Congo.

For active and determined leadership

Anne-Marie inherited her leadership acumen from her father, who was himself a prominent change agent. As the heir to this legacy, Anne-Marie has crafted a career notable for fierce activism and achievements as a skilled mediator.  During the widespread demonstrations known as the “March of the Christians” in 1992, protest leader, Anne-Marie led negotiations with soldiers. Later, in 1997, she spoke out against unjust treatment of prisoners in Kinshasa's notorious Makala prison. Throughout her career, Anne-Marie has distinguished herself through empathy and direct community work. Despite limited financial resources, she works hard to remain connected to communities, including individual families as well as institutions. She believes strongly in continuing this work to inspire new generations in pursuing a path of active community service. 


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